Beachhead Wiki

At Pre-Alpha release: this info is a dump from design notes, not everything is explained.

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Developed by: Ashley Hodgetts

Based on the graphic novel /comic 'Scars of Seven' - included in the Alpha download files.

Target Platform: PC x86 OpenGL

Want it on Xbox or Switch? Let us know!

Player's Goal

The goal for the player is to stop ‘humans’ from praying, reducing the electromagnetic waves coming from their heads. Each human they stop, increases the threat level for humanity which heightens the alertness of patrolling human authority who can detect you. It also gets the player one step closer to weakening the space-time fabric to allow you to warp in supplies to ultimately construct the beachhead to take over the planet.

Tech Game Summary

The main game board is where the player will navigate to different sites across the map. They will launch missions into these locations to gain resources, intelligence and grow followers to build the portal. The player can return to the same locations to conduct additional missions depending on the threat level (Threat of being discovered by human authorities).

The starting location is the player’s base of operations where they can expand their base with supporting facilities. Players can store resources, research relics/items they find in the cities/locations to uncover their secrets. Build interrogation rooms, brainwashing rooms, follower living quarters - someone has to construct the portal. Maintaining your base and keeping followers inline means hiring, housing, feeding, entertaining and paying guards. Generate revenue by selling artfacts, humans and power cells back to the home dimension. The player deploys their aircraft to reach the mission and can upgrade them to increase speed, shields, weapon strength and a wide combination of stat bonuses, depending on the order the upgrades occur.

The player will be able to explore locations (small micro levels) with NPCs, traps, enemies, loot..

The player will be able to talk to npcs and get hints and info about the city/earth. Simple dialog system.

Inside these locations, player characters have locomotion, ability to fire weapon, and pick up/interact with items/ environment(tiles affect stats)

Players progression

Progression is achieved through unlocking research, collecting items and amassing followers.

When the player finds new relics or uncovers new intel documents, this leads to research. Discoveries unlock the next level of missions, story and relics/tech. When the player amasses a large amount of followers, captures important humans and interrogates them, this unlocks more human research which helps lead to end game research paths.

How to Establish the Beachhead

The goal of the game is to establish a beachhead before the humans discover you and fight back.

Player must achieve the following conditions to trigger the end of the game:

Resources required:

  • Enough followers to feed the army.
  • Enough power cells to power the portal. UPDATE NUMBERS HERE
  • Dark energy crystals to operate the field generators UPDATE NUMBERS HERE
  • Human Sentiment is positive  - Put sentiment back into game

Facilities Required

  • 2 dark energy field generators in any base.
  • Interdimensional core spire in any base.

Key Research Required

  • Human to horde power conversion tech.
  • The Human Solution
  • Dark energy manipulation
  • Portal Organic Status field

Once these requirements are met, the player can enter the 'activate portal' screen. The player will have the option to open the portal. This is a chance based outcome. If the player chooses to continue, there is a chance of the portal working first time. If it fails, the player is penalized with costs and damage to facilities, sentiment etc.

On success, Game concludes.